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Baraha Chhetra Holy Sites eastern part of Nepal

How to reach Baraha Chhetra: Chatara is the basic station to reach Baraha Chhetra , and Chatara can be accessed either from Dharan or from Itahari via Jhumka bazaar. From Chatara, a Jeep ride or a two-hour walk can take you to Baraha Chhetra. Walking by the edge of Koshi River with views of its cascading waves has a unique experience to offer and thus is much preferred.

Introduction of the area
Baraha Chhetra is one of the four important Chhetras (pilgrimage sites highly regarded by the Hindus from the ancient Vedic time). The other Chhetras are Harirar Chhetra, Kuru Chhetra and Mukti Chhetra.

Baraha Chhetra is located at the confluence of the two rivers - Kokaha and Kaushiki, few kilometers from the main city of Biratnagar. It lies in Sunsari district of Koshi zone of Nepal. With the neighboring temple of Chintang Devi on the north, the holy throne of Aulia Baba on the south and Maina-Maini on the west, the holy Chhetra also houses numerous shrines of other gods and goddesses like Budhasubba, Panchkanya, Ramdhuni, Bhawani etc.

Dharan TempleLord Baraha, the massive boar incarnation of lord Vishnu, is believed to have rescued the earth which was hid in the hell by Hiranyaksh. The images of Lord Baraha depict him as a boar with the earth, as small as a cricket ball, over his tusk. Lord Baraha, the symbol of strength and victory, is believed to be a liberator of human soul from all sorts of distractions of life – anger, greed, lust etc.

As mentioned in the Baraha Puran, one of the important epics of Hindu religion, the Earth, while being rescued from hell, asked lord Baraha, "My Lord! You rescue me from all sorts of problems that come in the way of my functioning during all ages and all times. But I have never been able to understand the secret of your existence and you're mystic Avatars. When Veda got lost into the deep waters of the sea, you took the Matshya Avatar (the incarnation of a fish), went into the sea, found the lost Veda and handed it to its rightful owner Brahma.; when all the Devas and Danavas (gods and goddesses) together tried to froth the massive sea to obtain the Amrita(the liquid which is believed to make one immortal), you took the Kashyap Avatar (the incarnation of a tortoise), took the shape of the Mandarachal Parvat to serve as an axle during the sea-frustration. You are the master of all universe, you are the ultimate protector. When I was drowned in the waters of hell, you changed yourself into a boar (Baraha Avatar), took me by your tusks and rescued me. You were the one who saved the humanity by taking a Narasimha Avatar (the incarnation of a lion) when Hiranyakashyap created havoc in the earth. How do you manage to protect and keep the maintenance of the entire universe like this? How is it possible for you? I am not able to understand you and your mysterious wonders. I beg you tell me all about it and all the mysteries about the formation of the universe, commencement of lives and their conclusion, beginning and end of the Yugas (the ages or periods as per Hindu beliefs), your incarnations and wonders in each of the Yugas. Lord, tell me all about it. Make me understand and appreciate the unexplained secrets about life and its phases, enlighten me."

Pleased with Earth's hunger for Gyan (knowledge/wisdom), Lord Vishnu again took the Baraha Avatar and let earth have his Darshan (view) in Baraha form one more time. Lord Baraha then explained to the earth all about the existence of the universe, its creation, the human civilization, the Yugas, gods and goddesses, holy sites (Chhetras), Dhams, Bratas (fasting) on special dates and their significance, the heaven and the hell, the rewards of the holy deeds etc. This very detailed description is called Baraha Puran, one of the most important epics of Hindu religion.



Day 01:
Arrival Kath. & transfer to Hotel, evening visit to Pashupatinath for arati
Day 02: Guided sightseeing in Kathmandu valley
Day 03: Morning, drive to airport & fly to Biratnagar then drive to Dharan, transfer hotel
Day 04: Visit Darshan Dantakali temple & Budda Subba, visit Dharan city
Day 05: Drive to Baraha Chhetra, visit, Darshan & drive back to Dharan
Day 06: Drive to Bhedetar, view of Makalu, Kanchanjung & many more, continue drive to Biratnagar & fly to Kathmandu.
Day 07: Transfer to airport for final departure

Cost (group size minimum 2 person or more)

Indian tourist Per person INR 20,000
NRI or Foreigner Per person for USD 775
Single supplement USD 150 and Indian tourist INR 3000

Cost Includes

  • 3 star hotel in Kathmandu with bed and breakfast
  • Guided sightseeing in Kathmandu, Dharan, Baraha chetra & Bhedetar
  • Kathmandu – Biratnagar – Kathmandu flight ticket
  • Biratnagar – Dharan, Bahaha Chetra, Bedetar all transfer with private coach
  • All intrans permit for sightseeing
  • Visit Pashupati nath evening arati and morning for worship
  • Farewell dinner with Nepali cultural dance with song
  • Arrival & departure transfer service
  • Our service charges

Cost Excludes

  • Personal expenses
  • Lunch & dinner
  • Bar bills
  • Everest flight
  • Tips for guide & driver
  • Muktinath Tour
  • Muktinath Tour
  • Muktinath Tour
  • Muktinath Tour
  • Dharan Tour
  • Dharan Tour
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